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NASA - Science@NASA : Astronomy
+ X-Ray Astronomy at MSFC · + The Planets · + Sky & Telescope · + Hubble Pictures · + Astronomy Picture of the Day ... + Bad Astronomy. RECENT STORIES

Astronomy Notes
Entering ``strobel astronomy'' in any of the internet search engines will bring up a lengthy list of some of the copies out there. If you find an old copy,

UCLA - Division of Astronomy & Astrophysics
The Division of Astronomy & Astrophysics (this site) is part of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, one of several Physical Sciences departments in the

Welcome to Heavens-Above!
If you're interested in satellites or astronomy, you've come to the right place! Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to observe

Expert Coverage of Astronomy Astronomy - New Scientist Space
NASA is facing a four-year-long 'launch desert' with no new astronomy missions because it puts too much money into big projects, says a top-level panel

ZOOM ASTRONOMY - Enchanted Learning Software
Zoom Astronomy is all about Astronomy, the planets, the sun, the moon, the stars, galaxies, asteroids, etc. Enchanted Learning Software creates children's

Georgia State University Astronomy Program
Department of Physics and Astronomy · Georgia State University · Academics · C H A R A CHARA · P E G A PEGA PEGA. R E C O N S RECONS PEGA

Astronomy and Islam
Astronomy has been called the "queen of sciences". It incorporates many disciplines such as physics, particularly optics, mathematics and celestial

CADC's International Astronomy Meeting List
If you have used CADC facilities for your research, please include the following acknowledgment: This research used the facilities of the Canadian Astronomy

Bad Astronomy Blog
Most people are very curious about the night sky, but unfortunately a lot of misinformation is spread, just plain silly, but many times it makes just enough

Astronomy in the Yahoo! Directory
Learn about astronomy and explore the celestial realm with sites dedicated to our solar system, the planets, comets, meteors, asteroids, the stars and their

Astronomy Merit Badge
List at least three different career opportunities in astronomy. Pick the one you in which are most interested and explain how to prepare for such a career.

Astronomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Astronomy is the science of celestial objects (such as stars, planets, comets, and galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere

UW Astronomy
The UW-Madison Astronomy Department's web pages herein describe our members, graduate program, research facilities, projects, and groups, our scholarly

The University of Texas at Austin - Astronomy Program
The last few years have been exciting ones for Shardha Jogee, an assistant professor in the astronomy department and one of the investigators on several of

Greek Astronomy
One of the most powerful creations of Greek science was the mathematical astronomy created by Hipparchus in the second century B.C. and given final form by

Astronomy and Space from Scientific American: News and articles ...
Read up on the latest discoveries in our galaxy and universe beyond including astronomy coverage from Scientific American: news, calendar, feature articles

Astronomy Department IUB
Welcome to the Department of Astronomy at Indiana University ... Two IU Astronomy undergraduates received recognition from the National Science Foundation.

Astronomy At The University Of Maryland
The Department of Astronomy has the mission of achieving excellence in research, teaching, outreach and service in the areas of astronomy and astrophysics.

Astronomy : Weather Underground
Astronomy. Enter the zip code where you will be star gazing: ... Then click the telescope icon in the "Astronomy" section of the city's page.

Astronomy. ... ING Home Page > Astronomy. Telescopes and Instruments ... Back to the top | Back. Head of Astronomy (acting) Last modified: 18 March 2007.

Science/AAAS | Collections: Astronomy
ASTRONOMY: A Closer Look at a Gamma-Ray Burst: Stefano Covino ... For Extreme Astronomy, Head Due South: Daniel Clery Science 16 Mar 2007; 315: 1523-1524.

Astronomy, Our Place in Space. What's the Big Idea? Gravity, The Universe's Main Attraction · A closer look at MARS · The Journey Begins

Divided into two main branches, astrometry and astrophysics; the former concerned with determining the places of the investigation of the heavenly bodies,

Astronomy Department, UMass
Department of Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, LGRT-B 619E, 710 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01003-9305 . 413-545-2194 (phone) . 413-545-4223

Resources of Scholarly Societies - Astronomy
Links to websites of scholarly societies in Astronomy are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of Astronomy sites is 34.0/40 = 85.0%.

Resources in Astronomy
The AstroWeb Consortium: A collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet, containing well over 1000 links to research

Awesome Library - Science
Astronomy Lessons - Grade 11 (British Columbia Ministry of Education) ... Provides over 50 articles in astronomy as part of The Universe in the Classroom

Astronomy For Kids - KidsAstronomy.com
Powerful and fun resource for kids, exploring astronomy and other space related topics. Play games, learn through interactive applications, and much more.

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