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Middle East | Jerusalem Post
Middle East. White House objects Pelosi's Syria visit · US, Iraqi forces nab suspect linked to roadside bomb cell · UN chief meets rival Lebanese leaders

Middle East - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Middle East is a historical and political region of Africa-Eurasia with no clear definition. The term "Middle East" was popularized around 1900 by the

Middle East Weather Forecasts on Yahoo! Weather
Middle East Weather. Weather > Middle East. Bahrain · Cyprus · Egypt · Iran · Iraq · Israel · Jordan · Kuwait · Lebanon

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources--Middle East
Carnegie Endowment Middle East Page-- "Gives visitors easier access to Carnegie's extensive research and writing on the state of political change in the

Middle East Online
... that engaging the Israel-Palestine issue first would greatly improve America's position in the Middle East on every other front, says Matthew Yglesias.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Middle East
BAGHDAD -- Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, a secular Shiite just back from barnstorming for support among Sunni Arab leaders across the Middle East

Middle East - World News From Arab and Israeli Newspapers ...
"The United States has always worked for the interests of Israel, and, of course, it wants to see Israel as the biggest power in the Middle East."

Founded in 1956, METU (Middle East Technical University) is a state University that has the objective of training Turkish and foreign students in scientific

AxisofLogic/ Middle East
Middle East Prince Hassan: Neocons and Israel Plan “New 100 Years of War” in the Middle ... John Spritzler, -Axis of Logic (submitted by author) Middle East

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Middle Eastern Studies
MENIC Middle East Network Information Center a public service of: Center for Middle ... Middle East and North Africa Speciality Group of the Association of

MEI – Middle East regimes and terrorism
MEI – Middle-East-Info.org – The same Arab and Iranian dictators oppress their fellow subjects, sponsor terrorism and imperil Israel, the sole democracy in

Awesome Library - Social_Studies
Provides news on the Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestinians. 5-02 ... Provides daily news focusing on the Middle East, primarily the conflict

Travel Destinations Middle East | Lonely Planet Travel Guide
Explore Middle East. To view our sexy interactive maps and navigation system, you need to have JavaScript enabled. Dropping your browser security settings

Middle East.com - Your Gateway to the Civilization
We want you to get comfortable choosing and tailoring your trip to Middle East. This open-to-all global exchange site for travel and leisure services will

Middle East Research and Information Project
Middle East Reasearch and Information Project (MERIP), publisher of Middle East Report, is a progressive, independent organization based in Washington, DC.

map of the middle east and map of the middle east countries ...
The Middle East (or West Asia) sits where Africa, Asia and Europe meet. The countries of the Middle East are all part of Asia, but for clarity reasons we

Official Website of the G8 presidency of the Russian Federation in ...
Today, we the G-8 Leaders express our deepening concern about the situation in the Middle East, in particular the rising civilian casualties on all sides

Middle East and the Mediterranean - IPS Inter Press Service
Middle East and Jewish Studies - Columbia University · Middle East Institute · The Middle East Network Information Center - University of Texas

CIA - The World Factbook -- Middle East
... Czech Republic, Denmark, Dhekelia, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador ... the Middle East. Bottom Banner.

Middle East Partnership Initiative
The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a Presidential initiative founded to support economic, political, and educational reform efforts in the

Middle East Newsline - Area News - Updated Daily
Middle East Newsline is a news service by independent journalists with a real understanding of the region. Correspondents gather information from Amman,

United Arab Emirates Internet Pages - Welcome - As Salaamu 'Alaikum
Search on the PeopleDetective for Middle Eastern email addresses. Add your own Middle East related web site link instantly. Advertise on the top Middle

Middle East Maps - Perry-Casta�eda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Country, city and thematic maps from the Perry-Casta�eda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, along with links to maps on other web sites.

Middle East - Council on Foreign Relations
David Makovsky, an expert on Middle East diplomacy, says Israel’s Prime Minister reacted positively to the recent Riyadh Arab League declaration and is

MEED - Middle East Business News & Information
MEED, the Middle East Business Weekly, serves the information needs of local and international companies who need timely and authoritative business and

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