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Continuing Education at Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw State University is a comprehensive suburban university committed to the scholarly accomplishments of students and faculty. Continuing Education at

Continuing Education
Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) located in the heart of Boston, was one of the first schools of its kind in North America

College of Extended Learning Home Page
By providing continuing education including personal and professional development, a wide program selection, flexible schedules, and a hand to help you take

BibleGateway.com- Dictionaries
Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary ... Browse dictionary by alphabetical index: ... More information on Dictionaries

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
ASCE has been committed to providing top quality continuing education ... For additional information on ASCE Continuing Education, click on the links below:

Breaking Professional News... Pig cells still work in diabetic man after 10 yrs (3/30/2007) ยท Roche's Xeloda approved in Europe for stomach cancer

LITTLE EXPLORERS by Enchanted Learning Software
Little Explorers-A multi-lingual picture dictionary with links to educational ... This on-line illustrated, linking dictionary for children was designed by

International Association for Continuing Education Training (IACET)
A non-profit association of education and training organizations and individuals devoted to the constructive and consistent use of the continuing education

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
The Digital Dictionaries of South Asia Project is a collaborative effort to widen access to South Asian Language Dictionaries. Established dictionaries for

3.8 Mapping Types -- dict
There is currently only one standard mapping type, the dictionary. ... Only values containing lists, dictionaries or other mutable types (that are compared

lingucomponent: Writing Aids
Note: no matter whether you install dictionaries using the wizard or manually -- you need to exit OpenOffice.org and the OpenOffice.org Quickstarter after

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NYU Law, Library - Foreign & International, Dictionaries ...
50 foreign and English dictionaries. Multiple dictionary search engines. This page is an index of online dictionaries, thesauri, and other reference works

Dictionary.com - Free online English dictionary, thesaurus, and reference guide; crossword puzzles and other word games; online translator and the Word of

Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus. Free access.
Online Dictionary - Multiple dictionaries including: English dictionary, medical dictionary, legal dictionary, financial dictionary, computer dictionary,

Linguist List - Web Resource Listings
ETS Online Dictionaries: Online dictionaries in several languages for Latin, ... Etymological Table Dictionaries of Indo-European languages: Etymological

Homework help using all kinds of dictionaries. From Schoolwork Ugh!
You can go to this website, choose a dictionary, then load up a web page. Wordbot will underline each word in the document. You can click on any word you

Dictionaries for Mozilla Thunderbird
Installing a new dictionary into your version of Mozilla Thunderbird is easy. You can drag the url for the desired dictionary listed below and drop it on

Dictionaries in the Yahoo! Directory
Search online dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, slang dictionaries, thesauri, and more to find word definitions, word histories, and spelling

Open Directory - Reference: Dictionaries
AllWords.com - Features two modern English dictionaries, multilingual search, and translation. Also features a guide to language sites on the web and a

Language Tools - iTools
Look up words in dictionaries and thesauruses. Translate words, phrases, documents and web pages to other lanugages. Everything language-related in one

JURIST - Legal Dictionaries
JURIST's browsable dictionary of basic U.S. legal terminology focuses on legal procedure. For more specific queries, search the Law.com dictionary:

Dictionary refdesk.com - My Facts Page
AGI GIS Dictionary - Revised Edition - includes definitions for 980 terms which either relate directly to GIS or which GIS users may come across in the

mozdev.org - dictionaries: installation
Note: Dictionaries must be installed with the proper privileges, i.e. with write access to the [installation directory]\components\myspell\ directory.

alphaDictionary * Free English Online Dictionary
Free online English dictionary, dictionaries and grammars for 300 languages, crossword puzzles, word games, language jokes, and a Word of the Day by a

Sanskrit, Tamil and Pahlavi Dictionaries
At present the digital version of Cappeller's Sanskrit Dictionary (1891) contains approx. 50.000 main entries. The transliteration is based on the

SULAIR : Medieval Studies : Latin Dictionaries
The first electronic dictionary of medieval Latin abbreviations, a database designed for use in both learning and teaching medieval Latin paleography.

OneLook Dictionary Search
Look up a word or term in an Internet dictionary or glossary. Free search access to a frequently updated database of words, terms, names, and acronyms.

Google Directory - Reference > Dictionaries
A free, searchable on-line dictionary and thesaurus, word games, a word of the day, and many other English language and vocabulary reference tools and

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