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Data Formats


The U.S.G.S. has put together a helpful set of instructions for retrieving and unpacking SDTS format DLGs, including a description of the data dictionaries.

PHP: date - Manual
The format of the outputted date string. See the formatting options below ... Additionally, some databases have functions to convert their date formats into

JHU Department of Computer Science
Undergraduate program offers bachelor degrees in computer science and computer engineering. Graduate program grants MS and Ph.D. degrees in computer science

International standard date and time notation
Steve Adams has written another web page about the ISO date format that is partially based on this text. Another summary of ISO 8601 is Jukka Korpela�s page

IU Computer Science Department
Welcome to the Indiana University Computer Science Department website. As of July 2005, the Computer Science Department has joined the School of Informatics

ISO - International Organization for Standardization
It is ISO 8601, Data elements and interchange formats � Information interchange � Representation of dates and times, and we give you here an idea of how the

Downlink Data Formats
Downlink Data Formats. While a limited amount of HUT housekeeping information is downlinked in the data stream generated by the Spacelab EC, the full set of

David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science | University of Waterloo
Department of Computer Science. Research areas include algorithms and complexity, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, databases, distributed systems

Data Formats
USES, Import, Display, Cluster, Classify, and Export, View HDF andHDF-EOS imagery, subset data objects, file format conversion, View HDF andHDF-EOS imagery,

Data Formats
Although drivers must provide a default and the selection persists across closing and reopening a device, applications should always negotiate a data format

Computer Science and Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science. Research areas include design and analysis of algorithms, computer architecture and VLSI, databases and information systems,

Computer Science - Duke University
The Department of Computer Science at Duke University excels in research, teaching, and learning in computer science, and engages with the broader community

College of Computing
Established in 1990, the College of Computing is one of six academic colleges at Georgia Tech and houses one of the largest computer science programs in the

CLDR - Data Formats
UTS #35: Locale Data Markup Language (LDML). Related Links ... CLDR Data Formats. This page has been superseded; for more information, see CLDR Survey Tool.

Aqua-Planet Experiment: Participants
Data Format and Transfer Specifications. Using Community Conventions ... We are exploiting the efforts of many who have worked to develop data standards for

drx: Data Formats [Computers: Data Formats] - loadaverageZero
Data Formats refer to the representation, or the structure, encoding, syntax and specification of various classifications of computer data and file formats.

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Electrical ...
Offers BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees in computer science and MS and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering. Numerous research groups, centers, and laboratories.

UTD: Universal Text Data format
This document proposes a general-purpose text data format called UTD. It might be seen as an idea of how HTML should have been designed, or how a successor

Tantek's Thoughts � 2006 June
Podcast on archives, persistence, longevity, open data formats ... The topics of openness in data formats, data fidelity over time, and data recoverability

Introducing JSON
These are universal data structures. Virtually all modern programming languages support them in one form or another. It makes sense that a data format that

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Involved with studies of sensors and integrated circuitry, software systems, artificial intelligence, hardware systems, solid state electronics and optics,

Data Formats
Note that the Tag Types Utilities can be used to manipulate data files in this very format. The author of the utilities has created a financial transaction

Data Formats
Data Formats. ASCII Data - ASCII data are encoded so that the human reader can see and understand the values, because they are displayed as normal integers

Daimi: Daimi
Department of Computer Science. Research areas include complexity, semantics, theoretical computer science, coloured Petri nets, human-machine interaction,

DBLP Bibliography
COMPUTER SCIENCE BIBLIOGRAPHY. UNIVERSIT T TRIER ... Computer Science Organizations: ACM ( DL / SIGMOD / SIGIR), IEEE Computer Society (DL), IEEE Xplore,

Scientific data formats - Filters for Octave and Matlab�
The specifications of data formats are needed; You can provide Your matlab filter, bug-reports and bug-fixes. Furthermore the filter should run also under

Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory - SWAMP Required Data Formats
Welcome to the Marine Pollution Studies Lab home page. Find links to MPSL-MLML, MPSL-DFG, UCD-Granite, and DFG-WPCL. These groups are run by Rusty Fairey,

Import Export XML
Our primary tool for visually converting any flat file format including CSV, Tab separated, non-standard EDI, binary, or any other legacy data format into

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